Well, THAT was exhausting!

This has been an exhausting couple of days! I'm not going to write exactly why, because I may or may not still have stalker issues. But its just a matter of trying to juggle a bunch of things. Last night I slept at my mom's house, then went at about two to pick up all of the little kids in DuPage, and brought them back to my mom's house. I kept them there until about eight, and then brought them back to DuPage, where I will stay with them until about midnight, and then I will go back to my mom's house for the night. Does that sound complicated?

Its even more complicated because of the fact that Little Bear and Pufferfish were sort of sick.

We stopped at this little chocolate festival near my mom's house, which I thought would be fun for them. I envisioned it involving free samples of chocolate at every booth. No such luck! It was booth after booth of expensive food, nothing free, and a few rinky dink kiddie rides that were also expensive! I spent about twelve bucks on tickets so Rafael and Pufferfish could go on three rides each. Little Bear was saying she wasn't feeling good and didn't want to go on any rides. By the time the other kids got done riding their three rides and getting their faces painted, Little Bear was hollering up a storm! So I told them we would start heading for my mom's.

By the time we were almost to the car, Little Bear broke the news to me that she had to pee... bad! Of course she waited to tell me about it until it was nearly dribbling down her legs... and the only porta potty was way back on the other side of the fest, where we had just spent ten minutes walking from!

I told Little Bear to just hold it a few minutes until we got to my mom's. Little Bear started hollering even more, and then she bumped her head trying to get into the car, and it was a disaster for all involved! She gets like that when she's overtired... she's just one big blob of misfortune!

Finally we got to my mom's, and I left the others in the car so I could rush Little Bear into the bathroom. I showed her where it was, then went back for Rafael and Pufferfish, who had asked me about a bajillion times, "Why do we gotta wait in the car?" ("Because I gotta take Little Bear to the bathroom, I don't have time to get Pufferfish outta the car seat, and I don't want to leave her alone, so just STAY HERE FOR ONE MINUTE PLEASE!")

Unfortunately Little Bear had made it not quite on time to the potty and was hollering that she was cold, so I rifled around my mom's house for some little kid clothes. All I could find was a pair of Sarah -Jo's undies from when she was about six. (Back when they used to spend weekends with me, their dad never remembered to pack them clean clothes, so I started buying underwear and socks and stuff to keep at my house for when they were there.) I gave Little Bear the undies and one of my jammie T-shirts. Problem solved! Little Bear sort of looked like a ghost in the T-shirt that went down to her ankles, but what can ya do?

The rest of the night actually went better. The kids played with my doggie Trixie and visited with my less than enthusiastic kitty Sammy-Joe, and they played with the toys that my mom keeps there for my little cousins. Then they watched some cartoons. I fed them PBJ sandwiches.

You know your parents' lives have changed a lot when you have to scrounge around in their house for things to make PBJ! It was like, "Hmmm, here is some organic peanut butter! Here is some red strawberry marmalade! Here is some Country White Bread! Close enough, I guess!"

Anyway, I finally told them to clean up and we headed for home. Miraculously, all three stayed awake in the car! I got them inside, gave the girls some Motrin, let them lay down, etc. I took their temperatures and found out Pufferfish was 105.8 and Little Bear was 104.7! The rest of the night was spent just trying to cool them down and get them to sleep peacefully!

Its weird because they never had any other symptoms... no sore throats, stuffy noses, nothing!

Anyway, now I am just waiting for Rafael's mom to come get him so I can go back to my mom's for the night! Rafael, by the way, is still up and going strong, watching the old Chipmunks movie (the cartoon version from back in the day) for the second time tonight!

Ugh! I wish I never had to wake up again!


Dreaming About Cottage Cheese, And Other Awkward News!

I feel like I neglect this blog because I write so much in my other blog about the kids. The kids are just more interesting. There's always something new going on with them! But lately I've sort of been neglecting that blog also.
So whats new with me?

I am now on a new medication, Wellbutrin. Only its not called that. My doctor prescribed me something that is actually supposed to help people quit smoking, but has the same ingredients as Wellbutrin. For some reason it is cheaper in the non-smoking package. The weird thing is, Wellbutrin is an antidepressant, and the doctor prescribed it for me as an ADHD medication. The doctor before her, at the same clinic, originally prescribed me Wellbutrin when I told her I had ADHD, but she said it was for anxiety. And then the doctor I had next (before the one I have now) was just sort of not paying attention, and he said the Wellbutrin was to "energize" me.
I go to the Mental Health Clinic which is for poor people who can't afford their meds. And some of the doctors just act like you're a name on a piece of paper. They don't even look at you when they talk to you. That was how my first two doctors (the one I had to see for intake, and then the next guy) were. They wouldn't even remember me from one day to the next. They would literally say, "Have I seen you before? Are you my patient?" Ugh.
But right now I have a really good doctor, and a really good clinician, so things are going well.
Has anyone else taken Wellbutrin for ADHD or Aspergers?

Another thing is that I went on the South Beach diet for two weeks. It was Diana's idea. She had done it before and lost a ton of weight, and she wanted to try it again. So her, Jimmy and I all went on it!
The first few days were crazy! I felt literally sick to my stomach, achy, like I had the flu, and drowsy! That is because I was addicted to sugar and carbs. The South Beach diet means you have to boycott all sugar and carbs. If you do it by the book, you shouldn't even eat fruit, and even some vegetables are against the rules because they're starchy! But we let ourselves have fruit and vegetables so that we wouldn't starve to death and die, or, like, kill the kids or something. One of the things that was on the GOOD list for the diet was cottage cheese. And I really like cottage cheese, so I was eating it at least once a day, a big bowl of it! (I know that grosses some of you out.) By the fifth or sixth day, I was having dreams about cottage cheese.
I am not joking. I dreamed about cottage cheese.
By the third or fourth day, I was still thinking that I wished I could have some Dr. Pepper and some SunChips and some cookies... but other than that, I felt awesome! I usually feel really tired during the day. But I felt wide awake, and somehow clearer! I had more energy.
Then the two weeks ended (actually I think we lasted ten days) and I went back to eating carbs and sugar, and right away I started feeling tired and listless again.
I know that alot of parents of kids with ADHD and Aspergers put their kids on special diets that affect their behavior. So I looked it up and found that high protein, low carb diets are helpful for people with ADHD or autism. There's an article about it here.
So I think I should go back on a low carb diet. But this time I would just have a little bit of Dr. Pepper and cookies and stuff, to keep from losing my mind.
The only problem is, we eat a ton of carbs and processed food in my house! So I would probably always have to make my meals separately from everyone else. That would be AWKWARD!
One solution I thought of was to follow a low carb diet for breakfast and lunch, while the kids are in school and only Hayden is eating with me. Then at least my brain would be clear for most of the day! At dinner maybe I would eat some carbs, but still try to avoid them.

Right now I am at my mom's house, which I like because I can see Trixie and Sammy-Joe, and I can use the computer as much as I want! Possibly all night! But last time I spent the weekend at my mom's, Lily, the puppy, would not go potty outside. She decided she can only pee for me and me alone. She gets kind of obsessed with me like that. I am hoping this time things will go better and she'll pee like a normal dog!

Do I have a way to end this post? No, I do not.


Happy Easter and a Meme!

Happy Easter everyone! I saw a funny meme in another blog and I thought I'd try it out. What you do is do a Google search on your name and "enjoys." For instance, I searched for "Nicki loves," and here is what I came up with!

Nicki enjoys helping others in ways that are big and small. (True!)

Nicki enjoys sharing her knowledge with all ages. (True!)

Nicki enjoys competing in triathlons, horseback riding, backpacking, and cooking. (Not really!)

Nicki enjoys the variety and pace of publishing. (Does publishing a blog count?)

Nicki enjoys nurturing and chauffeuring her children. (True!)

Nicki enjoys both travel and leisure photography. (Kinda true!)

Nicki enjoys movies and relaxing with friends. (True!)

Nicki enjoys working with children of all ages. (True!)

Nicki enjoys spending time with her three children. (True...)

Nicki enjoys worldwide success. (I wish that was true!)

If you have a blog, Facebook, or something like that, you should try this out!

Okay, everyone, go back to your regularly scheduled Easter amusement!