The Irony Is Killing Me!

Who here thinks it is ironic that I, the blogger with ADHD, could not manage to follow the blogging schedule that I made up for myself?
LOL! Oh well, I guess I can't promise you anything after all... except that I will aim for at least one post a week, and I'll try to make it interesting!
Hey, here is something interesting! I got a tattoo! Its on my left calf. Check it out!

I used to think I'd absolutely never get a tattoo because it would hurt too much... but then I started realizing that, depending on what part of my body I got it on, it might not be too bad for me. Some of you who have been reading for a long time might remember that I used to self-injure and I still struggle with controlling that impulse! Anyway I realized that getting a tattoo would probably be no worse than what I used to do to my own self, and since I have always secretly wished I was brave enough to get a tattoo, I decided to go ahead and do it. Jimmy and Diana were both also getting tattoos, and so was Diana's mom and Tom, so it was a great time to do it!
I chose a heart with angel wings and a halo for obvious reasons... because I love angels and my nickname is Angel! I think it is definitely something that will remain meaningful to me for the rest of my life, and not something that I'll be like, "Oops, I shouldn't have done that," a few years down the line.
It did hurt when the guy was making the tattoo, but not horribly. The kid who was getting a tattoo before me, he was getting it on his back, and he was actually crying because it hurt so bad! But I was able to actually sit there and talk and function and even watch, and it hurt but not excruciatingly. But the weird thing was, then I started to get dizzy and light-headed. This happens to me a lot, usually when I am getting blood drawn but also sometimes when I am just too overtired. I was definitely surprised and embarrassed though, because I had been so proud of myself for being brave and handling the pain well!
I had to take a break and go put some cold water on my face until I felt better. And then I was fine. He was almost finished with the whole tattoo anyway.
So now I am tattooed!
Would I do it again? Definitely! But I'm not going to become one of these people with tattoos everywhere you look. I think there are only a few places I would be willing to get a tattoo. My calf is one of them. Diana wants us to get matching ones on our toes, and I would maybe get a small one on my hand, between my index finger and thumb. But once I had tattoos in all of those places, I'd probably be done forever!
Anyway, it was definitely a life experience I'm glad I tried!
Okay, I am at school now and I have to get going to my class... but thanks for reading!


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