I Have To Keep Writing!

The other day I was Google searching "blogs + ADHD", looking for blogs similar to mine, written by people with ADHD. I have read a few blogs by adults with autism or Aspergers, and I thought there might be a community of ADHD bloggers out there somewhere.
Well, I found a few blogs... but mostly, people wrote in them once a month, or had stopped writing for months or years!
I guess thats ADHD for you! When you first start something, it is exciting and new and you look forward to it every day, and actually "hyperfocus" or obsess on it. But once it becomes routine, it is hard to keep up the good work! And so ADHD blogs fade away into nothing!
I have been pretty loyal at keeping up my other blog, Slow Down, Gym Shoe!, which is about raising my little nieces. But I have often let this one "fade away" in the past! I want to try not to do that again!
I'm trying to come up with a blogging schedule of days that I will definitely commit to writing in this blog. Here is my idea so far!

Fridays will be Angel's Answers, in which I will answer questions about ADHD. (So send me some questions! You've only got two days left!)

On Mondays, I will share an ADHD-related website, forum or blog I've found.

On Wednesdays, I will share a book or article about ADHD.

All of the rest of the days will be open-forum and I can write about anything I want, or not write at all! But you can count on hearing from me on those three days!
Alright, I'm off to hunt for some more blogs to add to my blogroll! If you know of an interesting ADHD blog, feel free to tell me!
In the mean time, I hope you'll check out the book I wrote about ADHD, called Why I Am The Way I Am!


Karl Johnson said...

I have adult ADD and blog too but not just about ADD. I can truly relate to your struggle to keep up your blog.
I have a system that works for me. I have a folder on my desktop where I continually dump ideas for blog posts as they come up. Sometimes it's a sentence or two in a Word doc. Other times a PDF of something from another website. When I have a minute to write, I work on one of them. I hope this helps you too.
I just finished a great book on ADD called Delivered from Distraction by Edward Hallowell. It's a very positive and helpful book for those of us who struggle with ADD on a daily basis.
I look forward to reading your posts on ADD.

Lynn said...

I am enjoying your blog. I am one of those you mentioned, a blogger with ADD. I'm also a fledgling author (aspiring?), not published, but working hard on my first novel. I love blogging, and do try to keep up with them, more than once or twice a month. I hope you will check out my blog, too: Thank you Very Much ADD, at http://20jobsin29years.blogspot.com. It's just a humorous look at my life with undiagnosed ADD, and the crazy adventures I've had because of it.

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