My Sensory Bag

In one of my last posts, I mentioned that I had thought about creating a sensory bag. I thought I'd explain exactly what it is, and what's in it!
Some people with ADHD like to fidget. Other people with ADHD have a lot of anxiety, and still others have different sensory needs. I have all of these! I am a very sensory person. When I was a little kid, I had to touch everything that had any type of texture. At the store I had to feel all of the different fabrics on clothes, especially if they looked soft! At dinner, I was always touching my dad's frosty water glass, driving him crazy! Guess what... I'm still like that!
My sensory bag has lots of different little things in it that I can feel, touch, and fiddle with, and also things that I can smell, taste, and listen to. I don't bring the bag with me everywhere I go. I keep it in my backpack most of the time, and when I am going somewhere such as a class, a movie, or whatever, I choose one or two items to bring with me.
I'll give you some ideas of what is in my sensory bag... and if you want to assemble your own, maybe you can fill it with even more things!
Here's what I have.

Different types of putty and dough that I can mush around in my hands. They have different texture. I have silly putty, glitter putty, play foam (which is like a dough made out of little foam beads, and has a texture sort of like rice krispie treats), and a small container of playdough. Today I just bought some Ice Cream Putty, which is hard to describe. Its a little like silly putty, but dryer.
A small container of lotion... because it feels good on my hands when I'm nervous or itchy, and it has a good smell that cheers me up!
A small slinky... fun to feel, hear and look at!
A kazoo. Although I don't really bring it with me places, because I'd feel a little odd playing a kazoo in public for no apparent reason!
A little ball made out of suction cups.
A small Happy Meal toy that is like a window with some oozy gel in it... fun to look at!
Allergy eye drops... they help when my eyes are itchy (which seems to happen especially when I get nervous) and I also just like the feeling of eye drops. I have no idea why. It started when I was younger and got pink eye and had to get drops every few hours. I just like the cold feeling on my eyeballs! I'm so weird.
A beany bunny... for comfort, and for squeezing.
Chapstick... for my frequently chapped lips, and also because the feeling of putting on chapstick helps me with my anxiety.
Lifesavers and lollipops to suck and crunch on.
A dropper of essential oil. Essential oils are great for aromatherapy on the go. If you bring one of these along, choose a scent that is mild. A lot of essential oils have very strong scents that smell like Vicks Vapor Rub to people who aren't used to the smell. I keep vanilla with me, because it is mild and its one of my favorite scents. Tangerine is also a nice, mild scent. You can take a whiff out of the dropper, or put a few drops on your sleeve or collar to smell.
What else can you think of for your sensory needs?
Here are some links to some of the putties I mentioned... because I was lucky to stumble upon these, but they can be hard to find.

My Glitter Putty came in an egg at Easter, so its hard to find now... but I think this is the same stuff...


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