Having A Rough Time Today

I am having a miserable day today! I can't really explain it, but basically I found out something that made the ground drop out from under me. Its like, you live in one version of reality, where people tell you that one thing is true, and then you suddenly find out, its not true at all, and hasn't been true for a long time... but then other people tell you, no, it really is true, everything is fine... and now you are left with no reality that you can, but only an impending feeling of doom. Will this, like other past "crisis", turn out to be okay, and everything will feel normal again, tomorrow? Or is everything seriously different now? It is hard for me to wait and find out. I feel sick.


Ma Ingalls with ADHD said...

Oh yes, I have been there. I call it a crisis of belief and yes, it will pass and you will be ok, maybe not as soon as tomorrow but it will be ok.

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