Happy Birthday To Me!

Todays my birthday, and I'm actually feeling a little better, at least for now! Last night I went out for dinner with my parents. We went to Pepe's, which is pretty much where we go every year on my birthday because I am crazy about their flan! They have the best flan ever, its SO CREAMY! I could take or leave the food, but the flan makes it all worth while!
Also I opened my presents from my parents last night, which were two pairs of shorts, two shirts, a penguin watch, and a pair of tie dye flip flops. I like the flip flops best because they are tie dyed!
I took 3 Tylenol PMs last night before bed because I wanted to fall asleep fast. It didn't work though... the timing was all off! It took me forever to fall asleep, but now it is morning and I am still dead tired and drowsy and dizzy and everything! SO as soon as I finish writing this I am probably going back to sleep. I also have to somehow go to the bank and deposit some money so my phone doesn't get shut off!
I am so tired... I wanted to sleep through this day, but I actually have things I could be doing today, and now I am too tired cause of the stupid pills! Next time I have to take them way earlier so they will make me fall asleep when I'm ready to go to bed and let me wake up in the morning!
OK, thats all for now!


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