Can't sleep...

My anxiety has turned to insomnia. I know its weird to say that I have insomnia when its only 11:23 pm... but when you consider that all day long I've been totally exhausted, feeling like I could fall down and go to sleep in a second, and the fact that I went to bed at nine o'clock, not even having the energy to take a shower first... then its weird that I'm now wide awake at eleven twenty-three pm. I'm at my mom's house and had been trying to sleep up in my old bedroom, but it was impossible. So I've come down to the basement to try and sleep with the TV on, which I know is going to get me shouted at. They hate when I sleep down here. They like me up in my little compartment when I'm here. But I'm supposed to go help out at my little cousin's birthday party tomorrow, and its going to be no good if I'm a zombie from lack of sleep! Usually if I can listen to the TV it at least calms me down enough to sleep.
All the anxiety of the past 28 hours must have pooled up in my system and turned into adrenaline!
I'm going to lay down on the couch now and turn on a Lifetime movie.


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