I went to my crazy people drop-in and it helped a lot. I felt a lot better while I was there. We played BINGO and I won twice! There were prizes on a table and you got to pick something when you win. I picked an oil painting by number set the first time. The second time, the pickings were much slimmer. I picked a DVD of this movie called The Wilderness Family, which used to be one of my favorites when I was a kid. I wish they had drop-in every day of the week!
Other than that, things are not going well. Diana is very, very mad at me, first of all. Its my own stupid fault because when I am upset I get insecure and tell people too many things. I am not good at keeping things to myself. Also I found out that one of the puppies... the runt of the litter that was never supposed to live in the first place but that we tried so hard to revive... ended up dying. She was my favorite, just because she was so little and because she would cry but she would stop crying when you picked her up. She had these little tiny tan spots on her head that you could barely see. She never wanted to drink much but she loved to cuddle with Clover's paws. When you are already going through depression, the death of a puppy is not helpful.
I am hurting so bad. I just want it to stop.
But I am trying to hatch a plan.


Adelaide Dupont said...

Hope the plan goes well.

Sorry about the puppy. She must have been like another child to you; so very responsive.

Which comes first: the insecurity or the upset?

At the drop-in you must have got some great prizes.

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