Alive and Kickin'!

The title of this entry reminds me that today I was playing with Hayden, when she asked me where Abby was. She has a habit of constantly asking where everyone is, like she's taking attendance! I told her I didn't know. Hayden said, "Abby dead!" (She's not some sort of really morbid baby... she just thinks saying "dead" is funny, lately, for some reason.
I told her, "Nope, Abby isn't dead, she's still alive and kicking!"
This confused Hayden to no end! She laughed and said, "Kicking? No! Not kicking! Abby not kicking!"
Anyway, so, yeah, here I am... and I actually had a pretty good weekend. On Friday evening I went to Diana's because Jimmy called me up and told me to come there, and Diana had gotten me a cake and some presents, and the kids had made cards! So that cheered me up!
On Saturday, we went to a party at Jimmy's sister and brother-in-law's house, and ended up staying the night there. Parties at their house are always fun. I'm not much of a "partier" in the usual way, but I do just like to be there and enjoy being in the environment and being around everyone!
On Sunday, Sarah wanted to go to the Lilac Parade, so I ended up taking her and her friend there, and then hanging out at Diana's mom's house for a while. Eventually Diana, Jimmy and the kids also came over, for Megan's birthday party. So that was fun! Plus I got to spend extra time with Clover and the puppies!
Then, today, I was planning to go back to my mom's house, because Jimmy didn't need me to babysit. but I ended up staying and watching them for a little while so Jimmy could go to the store and the laundromat and stuff, and then Sue came over and invited me and the little kids over to her house. So we went there for a while and hung out and had dinner there and everything. Then we came back, and Jimmy and Diana and Sue and Mike went to the gym, and took all of the little kids with them! So me and Brandon are home alone and enjoying the peace and quiet.
Tomorrow I'm gonna try and forage my way back to my mom's so I can do my laundry and clean up and stuff before my mom gets back from England! Plus I miss Trixie and Sammy-Joe so much! On Friday I only thought I was coming back here for a few hours, but it ended up being four days! I was actually in the middle of cuddling with Sammy-Joe when Jimmy called me on Friday. He (Sammy) probably thinks I totally ditched him for something better!
As for my depression, being constantly busy and distracted has definitely helped. But its still there, lurking underneath... like, even when I'm happy, anything can just turn me sad with no warning! I've just been being really careful to keep taking my medication every day and stuff.
Well, Diana and Jimmy and the little kids are home, so I'll close out for now!


jborela said...

hi, from the Philippines!

Congrats for being the PPP blog of the day!

'nice blog!

Vinni said...

Hi Nicki,

Its been a long time since we said "Hello" to each other. how have you been?


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