Wind Sprinter!

Usually I take care of my nieces during the week... but Jimmy hasn't been working a lot lately, so I find myself with a bunch of free days! I'm trying to put my days to good use, though. I've found a work-at-home job rewriting articles, for about three bucks an article. (For me, that translates to about fifteen dollars an hour, but they only send me the articles in bunches of five each day.) Also, I've been trying to get a little bit of exercise in!
I have trouble getting exercise, partly because it is just so boring to me. Before I got my driver's license (at age 21) I was really skinny, because I walked or rode my bike everywhere. It was really inconvenient. For instance, if I needed groceries, I'd have to ride or walk to the grocery store, and buy only whatever groceries I could fit in my backpack or carry on my handlebars! But, it was healthy! Now, though, riding my bike seems pointless. People say "go for a bike ride," but where am I supposed to ride to? Just riding around in circles is pointless and boring! I can walk my dog, but that isn't a lot of exercise, since she likes to stop every few feet to pee in each and every yard!
Anyway, one of the articles I rewrote mentioned wind sprinting, which is basically running as hard and fast as you can for a few yards, and then resting for a few minutes, and then doing it again. It keeps your heart rate up and helps raise your metabolism! It works good for me, because it really only takes about twenty minutes out of my day. For instance, today when I was running errands, I just pulled over at the running track, and did two laps of wind sprints. (I know two laps doesn't sound like much, but because I'm out of shape and I hate running, I felt like it was a great start!) Then I just got in my car, went home, and proceeded with my regularly scheduled day.
I can really feel it, still, even though its been hours! My heart feels like its beating differently, and my muscles are sore. It feels good, though, in a way. I really do need to get more exercise, I guess! I'm also going to try to start drinking water. But I am not giving up my Dr. Pepper!


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