Show Me The Money! Wait, No. You Better Not Show It To Me.

One major problem I have in life is that I seem to be always broke! Every time I think I have a little bit of money in my pocket, something happens to yank the money out from under me and leave me broke again!
According to the website called Attention Deficit Disorder Resources, adults with ADHD often have problems managing money. Here is what they say are the most common problems:
* Bouncing checks, and losing or not paying bills (Yep, this is me!)
* Impulsive spending or buying things on a whim (Sometimes, mostly on things involving the kids... but I also tend to be an especially impulsive buyer in bookstores!!!)
* Being unable to save for big ticket items such as new dishwashers, vacations, children's college, or retirement (Yeah, I can't save up for the life of me!)
* Losing checks or not keeping track of checkbook balances (I have trouble keeping track of balances... I try to do a lot of it online, but when things don't show up right away, that screws me all up!)
* Being disorganized with papers, making it impossible to locate them at tax time (LOL Oh yes!)
* Large credit card balances (Not really, because I've just never had a credit card that allows a large balance! With the problems I have, I know better than to even try to get a credit card with more than $200 credit on it!)
* Procrastinating doing taxes (Actually I've been pretty good at that in recent years... mostly because I want the refund!)
* Forgetting when the car payment or mortgage is due (Doesn't apply to me, because I own my car!)
* Not earning enough money for survival (Well, I technically don't earn enough money for survival, and can't afford my own place to live, so this covers me!)
* Not saving for the future (Wait, didn't they already mention that one?)

Here's a good example. With Easter coming up, I wanted to get Easter gifts for all the kids in my life. I counted out six little kids... my three little cousins, plus Abby, Hayden, and Emily. For Brandon, Sarah and Megan, I figured I'd just give them candy, since they're getting too old for cheap Easter trinkets! Also, I wanted to get Trixie and Sammy-Joe each something.
I was running low on money, but figured this out in my head... I had $49 in cash that I had saved up for the occasion, plus $39 on my Paypal debt card. I wasn't even going to dip into my regular checking account, and was just going to use the money I'd saved up.
At first, I was doing pretty good! I went to the Dollar Store and got plastic buckets and shovels for all of the little kids, which I figured they could use to play in the sand, water, garden, or whatever over the summer. At Target, I spent an additional $8.00 on packages of large animal shaped Easter eggs, figuring I could stuff them with candy and give them to all of the kids, including the big kids! I didn't really find anything else worthwhile at Target.
Then I decided to stop at Walgreens... and thats when things went horribly awry! They had a whole bunch of cool stuff for about $2.00 each, plus a lot of things that were "buy two, get one free." I thought to myself, "I'll just grab a bunch of stuff, and since its cheap, I know I'll have enough money for it." Because I suck at math, anyway. I got them each some cool toys, plus a couple bags of candy to stuff the eggs with. And a two liter of Dr. Pepper, of course!
When I checked out, it turned out to be $40.00!
I was like, "Huh? How can it be $40?" But when I looked at the receipt, it added up right, even with all of the "three for two" deals and stuff.
I mean, I probably only went over my budget about $20... but to me, that could be a tank of gas, or an oil change, or 2/3 of my car insurance for the month. (Weird how most of my money woes involve my car!)
Its all good though, because over the weekend I'll probably get money from Diana and Jimmy for last Monday and yesterday, and that will replenish my supplies. Except then I'll probably feel like, "Dang I'm rich!" and go spend it all on... I dunno... Dr. Pepper or something.
Maybe I'm just destined to be broke!


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