How To Straighten A Room... ADHD Style!

One of my most severe ADHD features is my disorganization and my inability to focus on trying to get organized. Even though I mostly live with Diana, I still maintain a bedroom at my mom's house, which gets very disorganized during the two days a week that I spend there! If you want an idea of how to straighten a room ADHD style, here you go.

1. Decide to straighten the room, usually because someone else is nagging you to do it.

2. Start picking things up off the top of your desk and putting them in drawers.

3. Come across the "sensory box" you assembled about a year ago.

4. Start going through the sensory box and playing with everything in it.

5. Decide to create a sensory bag, which will be like a sensory box except mobile, so you can take it everywhere with you for your sensory needs. Begin working on that right away.

6. Imagine yourself explaining to someone about each item in the sensory bag and how it helps you.

7. Remember you're supposed to be straightening your room.

8. Start to make your bed.

9. Stop halfway through, because you're just going to go to sleep in a few hours anyways.

10. Find some extremely overdue library books under the bed.

11. Wonder if you're even allowed in the library anymore.

12. Decide to go downstairs and order a book on Amazon.com so you'll have something to read... since you can't go to the library!

13. Remember you're supposed to be straightening your room.

14. Shove your backpack and some other items in a corner.

15. Become really sick of straightening your room. Feel desperate to get out of there and do something else.

16. Pace around the room for a few minutes.

17. Have an allergy attack and sneeze about forty times.

18. Shove everything else into drawers and the closet as quickly as you can.

19. Decide your room looks good enough for now, and that you'll work on it some more tomorrow. Or next week.

20. Decide this would make a great blog entry. Go downstairs and get started on that right away.

Now do you see why my room (and my car, and any other place I inhabit) is always messy?


Adelaide Dupont said...

Yes :-).

This reminds me very much of Amanda Baggs' How to boil a kettle in 75 steps.

The sensory bag was a good idea.

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