Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! Mine was awesome! In the morning, I was at Diana's house and helped Brandon, Abby and Hayden with their Easter egg hunt. Then I went to my mom's house, where I stuffed and hid eggs for my little cousins to hunt. My mom had a family Easter party at her house, and I watched my little cousins hunt Easter eggs and played outside with them. After that, I went back to Diana's house for her family Easter party. Basically, I am really full from all of that food!
Sometimes holidays are really hard for me because of a lot of people squashed into small spaces, with everyone talking at once and stuff, and no place to get away for an escape. A lot of people recommend that if you are at someone's house for a holiday you should ask if there is another room you can go to to relax if you need a break from all of the commotion. But in my family, even if a holiday is at my mom's house and I could go up to my room there, my mom would get really pissed if I did that. She would think I was acting like a bratty teenager and should be downstairs socializing at all times. She even gets mad at my dad (who has similar problems like me) if he goes into the basement while people are there!
The good part is it was nice out, so I was able to go outside a lot with two of my cousins, which was better than being outside. They had brought their bikes, scooters, skateboards and other outdoor toys, and they also spent a lot of time running around in the backyard with Trixie! So it was much better than usual for me.
Anyway, I am probably going to sleep soon, cause I gotta watch the girls in the morning! I hope everyone had a great Easter!


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