Dropping Into The Drop-In Center

I found out about this weekly drop-in center through NAMI DuPage. It said it was a drop-in center for people with mental illnesses (including depression and anxiety, bipolar, things like that...) and when I called to ask about it, they described it as a social group where you could do different activities, arts and crafts, go on outings, etc.
Well, I've tried joining several social groups geared towards the general population an they've always been a bust for me. I just really don't fit in anywhere. There are groups for yuppies my age, groups for hippies my age, groups for this and that. But even in groups geared towards my own interests, like volunteering or writing, I've felt like a social mess. So I figured... "I'll give this one a chance."
So, basically, there's a few things of importance.
1. It seems like most of the people there have intellectual disabilities. Later, I found out that many of the people who go there live at a near by group home, and are diagnosed with mental illnesses like depression but also have intellectual disabilities, but the group is specifically for people who have mental illnesses, no matter what else they have. It seemed like most people were people with things like, for example, Down Syndrome.
2. I liked it! Yesterday they had speakers come in who did pet therapy, and brought the pets in. We got to hear about pet therapy and what it does, and we got to play with the dogs. One lady's dog was trained specifically to help people with autism. He's a sensory dog! I need one of those! People were really nice, too.
3. So I totally want to keep going back.
What do you think of that?


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