Brand New Day

So yesterday eventually got better. Me and Diana went and scooped Sarah andher friend Emily up off the street, and went to Burger King to stalk Megan. We ended up going back to Dina's mom's house to hang out for a while, then brought Sarah home with us, and she ended up babysitting the little kids so we could go up to the bar. It was noisy there. We actually walked home, which was really weird because Jimmy usually hates walking and would rather just drive the two blocks home from the bar. but it was nice out and he said we could walk. It was cool. But then he started running from us. He was walking a little ways ahead of us, and we yelled out, "JIMMY!" and he just bolted, and got home like five hours ahead of us somehow! Left us to stumble down the middle of the street saying, "That bastard!"
the weirdest news we found out at the bar is, we sort of know this neighborhood guy who everyone calls Coach for some reason. He's about 24 or so and he was living with his grandfather, who was really old, and taking care of him. So last night we found out that Coach's uncle murdered Coach's grandfather! Diana had seen the article in the paper but since we had never known Coach's last name or his family or anything, she never connected that it was him! So scary, isn't it?
Anyway we are probably going to the farm later today with the kids. It is nice out and the farm is free. I am so tired though I wish I could sleep for twelve hours!!!


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