Long TIme, No Blog!

Its been quite a long time since i've posted on this blog... almost a month! I guess because my other blog, Slow Down, Gym Shoe, is more of my showing off to the world blog, whereas this is more of my personal blog that not too many people read. I basically just have two readers... Diana, and my aunt! So if something has to be neglected, its usually this one. :(
Anyway, today is Friday, but I'm at my mom's house because Jimmy is watching the kids today, giving me a day off since I had a five-day-long marathon of watching the kids while Diana and Jimmy were in Vegas. I've been busy trying to get a bunch of stuff done. Yesterday was dedicated to doing laundry... Yep, in this house I must dedicate a day to it... writing some articles for Associated Content, and setting up my Amazon shops on Slow Down, Gym Shoe!. Today has been dedicated to everything else. I caught up on most of my blog reading, most of my emails, most of my "get-paid-to" gigs, wrote a few more articles for Associated Content, and am trying to catch up on this blog now! At some point I gotta go out to go to the post office, stop at Target to get a few things, and hopefully get some food. There is NO food here. My parents don't eat here much. So they are out of even the bare essentials, like CHEESE! Wait a minute, there must be peanut butter... maybe I should check for that!
I am starving to death. Here's the plan. Must make a plan. Okay.

1. Eat lunch here.
2. Go to post office.
3. Target.
4. Home. Clean room and put away laundry.

If I stay the night here and go to Diana's in the morning, that will give me a few extra hours here to finish stuff. Right?

I'm so glad its almost the weekend so Diana will be home! I missed her so much while she was in Vegas, and then when she got home we were both so sick it was like being at the brink of death, so we didn't get to enjoy it much. So I'm glad tomorrow is Saturday!

Okay lemme get out of here... Bye!