Wii Love It

I have a new addiction... Wii bowling! the kids got a Wii for Christmas, but since Jimmy and Brandon have been gone, me and Diana have been using it more than anything! We love to play the Wii Sports game. And the bowling part is my area of expertise! I actually became a "pro" at it and got a virtual medal. I got ten strikes in a row today!
The game also has tennis, baseball, golf, and boxing on it. I avoid boxing and golf if at all possible. But I am getting a little better at baseball and tennis!
What did I do before Wii came along?


KC's Blog said...

Video games are quite addictive. Big Brother recently discovered Guitar Hero and is hooked on it. I have been watching him play and have tried it too. It's a blast!
Bowling sounds great too, I'll have to check that one out!

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