Yay, I finally finished my semester! I just got back from my History test. I cannot believe that I pulled everything off, basically at the last minute! I managed to do a whole chapter of math homework, study for a math test, take a math test, write two major term papers (each about 12 pages long), finish a semester-long Health project, and bullshit my way through an essay test. Does that make me cool?
Now, within the next few days, I just need to clean up my room in time for the guests to come to my mom's house on Christmas, finish all my last-minute Christmas shopping and wrapping, buy and deliver gifts for my angel-tree kids, write a letter to my school asking them to waive the block on my account so I can get my grades and register for next semester, try to register for next semester, and build a gingerbread house with the kids. ;)
In other news, here is something I learned today! If you've been feeling sick lately, do not... I repeat, do not... look up the following symptoms on Google: headaches + earaches + nausea. Because if you do, you will discover that you are most likely dying of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.
Now I brought you down, let me bring you back up... take a look at my little snow dog!


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