Flunking Life!

I swear to God, I am flunking out of life lately!
Lets count how many stupid things have happened to me lately.
I acquired a large overdraft fee on my bank account, waited too long to pay it, and by the time I went to make a deposit that would put my bank account back into positive numbers, they had closed the account! And now they won't let me reopen a new one because I'm such a failure at banking!
I owe my school $2,000 and if I don't pay it, I won't be able to enroll for next semester.
I am getting bad grades in most of my classes, simply because I forget about my assignments... shit I used to do back in highschool!
Then, today, I had a take-home test I was supposed to turn in, but I grabbed the wrong notebook this morning, so I didn't bring the take-home test with me to school, and therefore didn't turn it in! (Luckily we had a sub, unexpectedly... who ever heard of having a sub in college???... so I couldn't have turned it in anyway, and I get an extra week!)
Plus, last night Diana messaged me to ask me if I could be at her house by 7:45 so she could take Brandon to school, since Jimmy was working. Or had left, or whatever. SO I set my alarm extra early to make sure I would be up and ready. I checked it to make sure it was set. And then... I overslept TWO HOURS because somehow my alarm didn't go off! Or, most likely, I must have turned it off in my sleep, dreaming I was getting up. I do that shit sometimes. So I ended up waking up ten minutes past the time that I was supposed to be at Diana's! Ugh... embarrassing!
And then there are the two times I either left my headlights on or left my car door slightly open in the past week, both times resulting in my battery dying in the parking lot. The first time, Diana ended up having to come rescue me. The second time, I was at school, and got a security guard to give me a jump. But, Jesus H!
If you don't believe I have ADHD, then you must just believe I'm a dumbass, or someone who doesn't give a shit about anything. But those things aren't true. I definitely do give a shit... I just can't hold it together lately!
I need to get back on Adderall. Gotta give that shit another try.

on a more lighthearted note...
I always see those posts where people list the key words that others used to arrive at their blog. So I thought I'd share some of mine. Apparently, my blog is chock full of useful information!
People have come here by searching for...

"puking on formula"

"googleplex the highest number in the world" (and I am the NUMBER ONE on Google for that topic!)

"all day her dreams blog" (Yeah, thats me!)

"is googleplex the highest number" (Another one?)

"Naughty Abby" (Why do I get so many people searching for that?)

"do i need to visit my doctor every three months in order to have my adderall prescription renewed?" (Yes, you do!)

"naughty abby" (Who is this famous Naughty Abby everyone is looking for?)

"Going through my parent's divorce was one of the hardest part of my life. I will never forget that day. I was walking towards my front door when my dad walked out. He was leaving my little brother and mom for the rest of o" (Sorry to hear that!)

"thanks god its blackfriday"

"i suddenly puke" (Me too, sometimes!)

"is the leader coz i got all the sandwiches in my backpack video" (Okaaaaay...)

"Splenda + sugar"

"Snapfish and Oprah"

"stuffed animal speaker from khols"

Well, good to know this blog is making a difference in the lives of many people!


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