Worn out

I think I really have to work on my health problems, or something. Lately I feel so worn-out and run-down, no matter how much sleep I get. My bones feel sore, like I have the flu, all the time. I can't sustain my interest on anything. Even reading, watching TV, eating, and using the computer are things I have to convince myself to do, because if I had a choice I would just stay under the covers and ignore even thigns that usually bring me happiness.
I was reading in this book, Healing ADHD, that people with ADHD benefit from a high-protein and low-barb diet, and exercise, and also Adderall. So what I need to do, I think, is make nutrition changes, try to get exercise at least a few times a week, and go back to the doctor to renew my old Adderall prescription. If I just sign up at Diana's doctor's office, it will be a lot easier for me to make the monthly appointments, because I could just go in the morning once a month and bring Hayden with me, instead of having to worry about finding time to get all the way out to McHenry to see my old doctor!

Today was a pretty good day. Bobby and Candice didn't come, so I just had the little girls. Plsu Diana and Jimmy were home for the day. Diana had the day off because it was the day after her birthday, and she went to the midnight showing of "Twilight" last night, so she was catching up on her sleep! So it was a really mellow, low-key day.
I am probably unfortunately not going to get to see much of them this weekend, because I am getting Trixie and housesitting/petsitting all weekend. But over Thanksgiving weekend I'll probably be there most of the time!

Tomorrow I am planning on getting Trixie from the kennel. I am sort of sad for Sammy-Joe, because he's really enjoyed having just me and him together, just like the old days. We've really hunkered down together in the basement and just spent all of our free time together. I am really hoping that when Trixie comes home, Sammy-Joe doesn't retreat back into his little room. It would break my heart!

OK C-Ya...


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