WIll This Miracle Mist Work?

I am hoping to win some of this Miracle Wist that is being offered in a giveaway over on Moomette's Magnificents. The giveaway is for Mighty Miracle Mist. Apparently it is a special mist that you can spray in a room, and it will magically change a child's behavior!
Okay... so its probably not real magic. I mean, its water and confetti, in a special bottle. But the power of suggestion is strong for kids! According to the directions, you explain to the children in the room that you are going to spray a magical spray, and now everyone must behave in a certain way. (The potions offered are Good Thinking& Paying Attention, Good Night, COoperation & Sharing, and Kind VOice & Good Manners.) With the spray in the air, the children will focus on their behavior!
I hope I win it, so I can see if it really works!


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