Weird Day!

This was a strange day! Me and Hayden were supposed to go to a playgroup today, but it got cancelled, and so we went to a nearby library instead. Iwas planning to leave a little bit before 11, so we could go home and meet abby's bus. But when I got out to my car, it wouldn't start! The battery was dead! thinking fast, I called Diana to tell her I might not be able to get home to meet the bus, so she could try to call the school and have them keep Abby. I went inside and asked the library people if they had jumper cables. They gave me this tiny little battery charger thing to plug into my cigarette lighter. But it didn't work! Next I called my Roadside Assistance. They said someone would come give me a jump... in about an hour and a half! I was like, "Aw hell no!" Luckily, Diana called me and said she had found jumper cables! So she came to the library to jump me. but she has a loaner car, and we couldn't find the battery in it! We literally couldn't find anything that looked like a battery. We did find some sort of red thing that had a "plus" on it. Diana thought maybe we could try hooking up the positive clippy thing to that, grounding the negative clippy thing on something metal, and trying it that way. But we were a little afraid we'd blow ourselves up! Then some dude came along and told us that yes we could do it that way! So we successfully jumped my car and went on our way.
The rest of the day progressed normally. Then Diana came home and we all went to the mall to get the kids' picture taken together! At first, Hayden totally wouldn't sit for a picture, but finally they put her in a little toy sled and she sat. In the picture, you can't even tell she's in a sled! Its pretty cool!
Then Diana thought she had lost her purse, and we searched for it for about an hour. But it turned out that her purse was in the car, and her keys and ID card were in the pocket of my sweatshirt! Hmmm....
So now we are all home, and the kids are getting ready for bed.
Tomorrow should be a "fun" day because I am watching the kids across the street as well as these kids. We're gonna go to Legoland!
Yay, NaBloPoMo is almost over, and I've msde it so far!!!


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