Weekend Update

I don't know whether to post my NaNoWriMo posts in the same posts with my regular update posts, but I guess I'll just do them separately.
Had a pretty cool weekend this weekend! On Saturday we mostly just hung around the house, and then on Saturday night I took Sarah, Brandon, and Brandon's friend Mauricio to this hoomeless simulation thing at a near by church. We were supposed to do it with this one church that was going to have lots of families participating, but for some reason we went there and nobody was there, and I was all freaked out that once again I screwed something up and got the info wrong or something, and I didn't want to disappoint the kids. I remembered there was another, smaller church doing it with just their youth group, so we went there, and they let us be there as their "guests." The people at that church were very nice. It was a cool experience. THey did a little activity where everyone had to think about their "Safety net" of people they could go to for help if they were in danger of becoming homeless, and write the names on sheets of toilet paper.
We slept outside in the front yard of the church. SOme people had brought tents, but we chose to use cardboard to make our own dwellings. I was so proud of Brandon and Mauricio because they got really into it, worked together and made this really cool little house out of two refrigerator boxes. They even made a little window thing by connecting the two boxes with a flap. They added smaller boxes on the sides, to balance it out and keep it from tipping over. They both slept in it, and had their DS games and Halloween candy in there.
It wasn't the most perfect night ever though. It was warm out for November, so we weren't really cold or anything. But at about two am Sarah started freaking out, and ended up calling her mom to come get her. (She lives about a block away from that church!)Then it started raining, melting our cardboard, so we had to go inside and sleep in the chapel! Which turned out to be pretty cool within itself because we got to wake up surrounded by sun shining in through the stained glass windows. I knew Brandon would love it, because he's a very visual person. (He later described it to someone as, "a wall of color." The other bad thing was that Mauricio's mom called at 7:30 wanting Mauricio to come home right away to watch his siblings, which sort of sucked because it wasn't fair to Brandon. So I was sort of mean to Mauricio... I mean I tried to be nice about it but I was like, "Well I can't really take you home this very minute, maybe you should call and see if they can come and get you." Because who tells their kid they can go on an overnight like this, and then calls at the crack of dawn and wants them to be driven home right away? Besides... Brandon really wanted to stay, and whenever Brandon is actually showing enthusiasm about something, I totally don't want to blow it! So we stayed and ate breakfast with them.
I liked that church and I want to go back. I was thinking of starting to go to church again, and this one is a United Church of Christ church which is about a step more conservative than the Unitarian ones I usually lean towards, and since there's no Unitarian church close to us, I had been wanting to try United Church of Christ. Plus I really love the idea of how they run their youth programs.
Anyway. Sunday afternoon Sarah watched the other kids for a while, and me and Diana walked up to the bar and met Jimmy and drank and played darts. It was unnerving to get drunk that early in the day, only because we had to return home to a household full of kids who were still awake and required supervision. It was like, "Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh...." Abby especially was in rare form. When she was in the bathtub with Hayden she had me and Diana and Sarah cracking up like crazy because she was just yelling out the weirdest things. She was like, "I'm having siezures!" and "I'm putting up my middle finger and so is Hayden!" and "You suck dirty beans that you got from the garbage can!" Oh man it was bizarreeeeeee!
So it was a really good weekend. I was sad for it to end. I'm always sad when the weekends end. Aren't you?


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