Recipe For OCB Parfait!

Tonight for dinner we went to Old Country Buffet... me, Diana, Jimmy, Brandon, Mauricio, Abby, Hayden and Sarah. I think the secret behind buffet is that they offer tons of starchy comfort foods like mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes, french fries, pizza, spaghetti, etc, so that ou'll hopefully fill up fast and not eat them out of house and home.
My favorite part of eating at OCB is the desserts, of course! Today I came up with a parfait, which Sarah nicknamed the Heart Attack In A Cup. Here's what you do...

1. Get a drinking cup from the drink section of the restaurant, and head over to the dessrt section.

2. Spoon in a layer of chocolate pudding, followed by a layer of vanilla pudding.

3. Add a layer of soft serve ice cream... either vanilla, chocolate, or swirl.

4. Add a layer of hot fudge cake.

5. finish by adding some "whipped topping".

6. If you feel like, it, sprinkle with sundae toppings such as crushed oreas, nuts, or whatever.

Yum, yum!

Brandon and Mauricio used my idea of taking a cup from the drink section, but they decided to make rootbeer floats, by filling their cups with vanilla ice cream and then adding rootbeer from the soda fountain! (However, they then grossed me out by adding sugar and Splenda that they found on the table!)

Oh, but now my stomach hurts so bad! Bleh!


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