My Ear!!!!!

Shoot, I almost forgot to blog today! Woulda blown NaBloPoMo on the 24th day! That would have sucked!
Anyway my ear hurts so bad right now, I have no clue why! It feels like its spreading to my brain!
The bad news of the day is that Diana's mom went to the hospital for some tests today, they found a clogged artery, and she had to go for emergency heart surgery. The good news is she's okay. The operation was quick, and she has to spend the night at the hospital, but she should be fine! So weird, isn't it... she's young, only in her forties. She's a single mother of a 13-year-old and a 14-year-old. Really freaks you out.
OMG I have to log out now, my ear hurts so bad, I'm gonna lose my mind! More later, okay?


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