FOr some reason I am having a really weird few days and really can't do anything but sleep! Last night when I came home I checked my email and then just laid down and passed out for all night long. This morning I got up and went to pick up some groceries, and got my dog from the kennel, and then when I came home I had this long list of other things I was going to do, including working a lot on the homework I've been neglecting... but I was gonna watch the movie "Juno" first because I saw it was on TV and its one of my favorites. After Juno was over I just passed out again, and slept for several hours! Whenever I tried to think about getting up and doing something, I ended up DREAMING that I Was doing it, instead! The onlt thing that finally got me up was, I had to pee really bad. Then thought I'd check in here. My mind feels really foggy, almost like I'm drunk or something! I'm so tired I just want to go back to sleep. I just feel so weird and achy and dreamy.
And the other thing is, today when my cat wouldn't come sit with me on the couch, I burst into tears and cried hysterically for about ten minutes! We had spent so much time together in the past few days while Trixie has been gone, because he's spent every possible moment on the couch... even when I was gone, whenever I came home from Diana's or school or wherever, I'd find him on the couch. And all night long sleeping cuddled up with me. So when I got home with Trixie and I saw him run back to his box, it broke my heart! I went and picked him up and tried to carry him out to the couch, but he hissed, and thats when I started crying like crazy.
Weird. Should I just consider today a "sick day" and let myself lie around and sleep, and get back on top of things tomorrow? Or am I really losing my mind!


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