Last Day of NaBloPoMo, Yay!

Today is my last day of NaBloPoMo! Can you believe it? I finished it successfully1 I hope I win something!
Anyway, here's whats been going down.
Went out to see a band last night with Jimmy and Diana. I at first wasn't going to go because my meds were all messed up and I was feeling sad, but after a while I decided to go so i walked all the way up to the bar (about half an hour walk!) and met them there. It was like 10:42 when I got there! We had a fun time. Then came home, ate some pizza and went to bed.
Today has been more of a lounging around and relaxing day. Last night we put up the Christmas tree, and today we put up some more decorations. we had a fire in the fire place! And Hayden and Abby stayed in their jammies all day long!
In other news, we may be acquiring three more chindren in the household. Brandon's friend's mother has recently became homeless, and moved to the city to stay with friends or something. Diana offered that Brandon's friend could stay here so that they could keep on going to school while their mom looks for a place to live. And somehow, out of that, it turned out that we'll also be taking the friend's younger brother and sister. We have to find out if the school is going to say its okay, but probably they will, since I think in Illinois kids are at least allowed to finish out their school year at the same school, even if they move. If all goes according to plan, there will be six kids living here by next week! With Ben and Claire, the afterschool total will rise to eight, making this a real house of chaos! It should be loads of fun!
Anyway, thanks for sticking with this blog for all of NaBloPoMo! Wish me luck!


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