I Think We're Alone Now...

Housesitting for my parents this week, remember? So I just got home from school, and I'm here with Sammy-Joe. Poor little Trixie is in the kennel! :( This is going to be a sucky, lonely week in certain ways. I don't think I have ever stayed alone in this house without a dog of some sort! When Chopper was alive, I always watched her, and the last time I house sat I watched Trixie. I think maybe I housesat once between the times when Chopper died and Trixie moved in, but Sammy-Joe was a lot more active them and would come out and sit with me and follow me around and stuff. Now he just sits in his own room and waits for me to come in there and talk to him! I tried bringing him out here to the computer/TV section of the basement but he ran back into "his" little section. :(
So this should be fun!
I'm so, so, so, so, so, so, so tired today for some reason. Plus today was kind of a rough day with the kids, at least with Abby. She's been a real smart alec lately. Today she was playing with her BArbie dolls and had turned the entire living room into Barbie Doll Hell! So a little while before we had to leave to get the afterschool kids, I told her she needed to pick up her toy in a few minutes. So then when it was time to clean up she was pretty much just ignoring me. I told her she needed to either clean up her toys now, or be sent to the corner and lose a sticker and still have to clean up. So she went to the corner. So she did her five minutes in the corner and then came out, and still wouldn't pick up her toys! I told her, "They need to be picked up now, before we go to get Claire. If I'm the one to pick them up, I'm going to take them away and you won't be allowed to play with them anymore." She said, "Thats fine, cause I have better things to play with anyway." So I did clean them up, and towards the end she did jump in and put away like three things, but I took the toys away anyway and put them in Diana's room.
I know cleaning up sucks and is boring, and I'm not even as irritated by the fact that she didn't want to clean up and was putting it off, because I know I still am kind of like that! But the thing that bothered me was her flippant attitude of just ignoring me when I was telling her to clean up, then cheerfully going into the corner, then saying she didn't care whether I took her toys away because she had better things to play with anyway!
Plus then I got Ben and Claire, and Jimmy was home early, which always makes me a little nervous because then I feel like I gotta not only watch all of the kids and keep them safe and happy, but also keep them from irritating Jimmy, which is pretty hard when you have five high-spirited kids jumping around! So when Claire and Abby are running up and down the hallway, or they shake the table too much while they're coloring, or Hayden spills her cereal or Abby spills her pop or Ben just is Ben... and all of these things really did happen today... Jimmy gets mad and I feel like he's thinking, "Nicki sucks because she's not keeping all these kids out of my way." So at any rate its nerve-wrecking! Plus since Ben isn't allowed to play violent video games, and he has absolutely no interest in anything other than violent video games, he's often a total pain in the ass. He'll listen if you talk to him. For instance he kept turning the TV back to the Cartoon Network when I wasn't watching, and its something he's not supposed to watch. So finally I said, "This is showing me that I just can't trust you and I'm going to have to watch you more closely," and he said, "You can trust me," and then he stayed with Nickelodeon or whatever. I wish it was warm weather again, because then they all just played out in the yard together and it was much better.
Oh well... I don't know what I'm going to do for the remainder of the night but I'm probably going to sleep down here because I hate being in the rest of the house when nobody is here!


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