I Own The Library

At least, I should! I should own stock in that place! I'm basically subsidizing it with all of the overdue fines I pay! I haven't gone to the library in a looooong time, but I went today to turn in a bunch of overdue materials I'd been procrastinating about returning. SO how much did I owe? Eighty bucks!
Yep. Eighty. You heard me right.
But don't make fun of me, At least I owned up to it, went and returned my stuff and paid my fines, so I could get some books for myself and some books for the kids. Unlike some people, who can't even set foot in the library anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
myspace glitters

myspace glitters

Tomorrow is Friday. I'm so glad! Except its actually going to be the beginning of a rough week. The P's are leaving for Hawaii on Monday, and I am supposedly housesitting for them. Which is sort of a weird issue within itself. I always used to housesit for them before, and also take care of the animals. But they decided they were going to put the animals in the kennel. I balked, because I hate the idea of the poor animals being in the kennel... but they said, since I am going to be watching the girls and then going to school, I wouldn't have time to come home and take Trixie to the bathroom. ANd no way were they going to let me bring Trixie to DIana's house! I've been told I am too mentally ill to be responsible for a dog. Ugh. So she's going in the kennel. And originally they said I was going to have to stay at DIana's house the whole time, since there was "no reason" for me to be here if I wasn't going to be petsitting. But then they eventually changed their minds again and said they would put Trixie in the kennel, and leave Sammy-Joe out, so I would have to be here at the house to take care of Sammy-Joe anyway, but they still won't leave Trixie with me!
Ugh. Do you see how my life is ridiculous?
Makes me angry, and frustrated and sad.


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