Here's A Freebie Alert For You!

Diana just tipped me off that Oprah and Snapfish are giving away free twenty page photo albums with your downloaded photos to anyone who wants one, until next Sunday! They did used to have a link on the Snapfish homepage that said, "Are you from Oprah" or something like that, but they took it down... I guess because too many of their general customers were clicking on it and getting the deal! But if you click here, you can get in on the deal!
Just thought I'd pass that along... some special NaBloPoMo info!
I'm downloading some photos right now. I'm gonna make my mom a photo album of our Disney Cruise, as a Christmas present! I bet she'll think its hella cool! Either that or she'll think its totally stupid, but she'll at least pretend its hella cool!
Okay, gotta run. Holla!


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