full House

Hi everyone! Speed blogging because I'm so tired today! I watched the kids from across the street, plus Brandon, Abby, and Hayden, today. I took them all to Legoland with the free tickets we acquired from that Disney Vacation Club sales pitch. I'm really glad we got in for free, because I definitely don't think it would have been worth the $14 per kid and $17 per sdult! Basically there is one ride, a 4-D movie, a spot where you can see how Legos are made, and a playroom with a climbing structure and lots of Lego toys. I mean, it was pretty cool, but not $75 worth of cool!
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, can you believe it? This year has been going so fast. I'm totally broke... cashed in my coins from my coin bottle yeesterday, and just spen the last $14 of that on a haircut for Brandon, which turned out crappy. Hope I cn afford Christmas!


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