You Want A Piece of This, Ese?

Ugh, what a long weekend, I feel like I'm gonna pass out at any minute! It was mostly good though!
First of all, Saturday was Make A Difference Day, and some new friends and I collected and assembled 21 backpacks full of books, toys, personal hygiene items, and comfort items for kids entering foster care. Here's a picture of me by a van loaded with all of the backpacks!

so, that was a good experience, definitely!
On Sunday we planned on going to Boo At The Zoo, and we decided to stop and get Melissa and Maggie as well. Brandon had called Melissa's cell phone and asked if she and Maggie could go, and then on the way there I called to double check that it was okay.
If you've been reading this blog for a while, you probably know a little about Melissa and Maggie, but if you don't, I'll try to sum it up quickly.
Their mother: A woman who seemed to try hard but eventually succumbed to her crack addiction and abandoned her kids to the foster care system.
Their dad: fought for several years to get them out of the foster care system and to get custody of him, but REALLY isn't that great of a person. Emotionally unstable and an alcoholic, he can be very intimidating. He's cut off all connections the girls have ever had with family members, former foster parents, etc... and the only reason he still lets ME see them (I was a friend of their mother when they were very small) is because he thinks somehow I'm going to be his girlfriend and marry him. He also wanted to get Diana to be his girlfriend, right after Diana left her husband, and it got to the point where Diana had to ask him to leave her house one night when he came to visit, because he was intimidating her.

OK. So we pull up in the parking lot, and I call Melissa's phone because we're running sort of late and we want to get to the zoo ASAP so we won't miss the Halloween festivities. So Melissa comes running down, but their dad follows them, and Maggie is at the top of the stairs of the apartment building, trying to prevent their dad from coming down. I go up to see what is going on, and their dad tells me, "Maggie seems to think I won't let her go if I see who is taking her." I say, "Its okay, Maggie, nothing is wrong," and start leading Maggie down to the car, where Diana and Jimmy and the kids are waiting.
Their dad sees Jimmy and starts screaming for Melissa to get out of the car, and then goes to Jimmy and starts yelling, "Ese! You want a piece of me?" and making fists at him. We were all stunned... partially because Jimmy is Korean, so we didn't know what all the "ese" business was about.
Melissa and Maggie were crying hysterically, the other kids were getting scared, and nobody knew what to do... so we just drove away.
It was so horrible. Dude, it was like a nightmare! We think their dad was probably drunk, and that leads back to a whole nother story. We've had a lot of drama regarding the girls and their dad. And after this, its almost certain that I probably won't be allowed by their father to see them anymore.
I managed to enjoy the zoo after that... although obviously my mind was elsewhere! But I tried to put it out of my mind for a while. It was hard though. We were all traumatized by what had just happened. we've always tried to sort of protect the kids from knowing about the kind of person Melissa and Maggie's dad is, but now Brandon couldn't stop talking about it. He was afraid that the girls were in danger, and wanted to know why we couldn't do something about it to protect the girls. He said, "Melissa and Maggie are such nice kids, and living with their dad is going to make them all screwed up!" He was so worried about it. He just kept talking about it, throughout the day, about how worried he was about the girls and how scary it had been when their dad started yelling and threatening Jimmy.
I'm still trying to figure this situation out.

The zoo was fun, though. I love it when we all do things together. We spent most of the day there and ate lunch there and everything. It was freezing cold though!!!

So then last night Diana and Jimmy and I went to the bar for a while. It helped to defragment my mind. We mostly played darts. Jimmy claims that I beat him once at cricket, but it was only because he gave me about fifty extra chances at the end. I really did beat Diana twice though! And we tied once. It was a lot of fun!

Today, I am exhausted, but its been pretty easy. The other little girl I babysit afterschool is spending the whole day with us because there's no school. I had to take her to her dentist appointment this morning, and the office was right by the mall, so after the dentist we spent the rest of the morning at the mall in the play area. Now Hayden is taking her nappy, and the other two are playing dolls and watching TV. I have to get the girl's brother at four, and thats when the hardest part of the day will start!

I will keep you updated on the girls!


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