Is it a full moon or what?

Dude, yesterday was such a weird day because, between Brandon and Mauricio and I, we saw three car accidents happen in the same area, within a few hours of each other. The first one happened as I was driving to go pick up the two big kids I babysit after school. As I drove down the rode, I heard screeching and a bang behind me, looked in my rearview mirror, and saw that a car making a left turn into my lane had crashed into the car behind me. I continued on my merry way, ladadadadadadada, and went to the library to wait for Candice. As Abby and Hayden and I hung around outside the library with all of the young juvenile delinquents who congregate there (plus we saw Mauricio there, that juvenile delinquent!) we saw a car pull out of the parking lot of the school and crash into a car that was driving down the street. That was bizarro! Then, at dinner time, Brandon told us he had seen a car accident happen too, in a different intersection in the same area! weird, right?
Last night was fun after that because I went to the bar with Diana and Jimmy. I had cherry bombs and played darts and it was fun! Today we mostly just hung around the house and recovered. Jimmy had to work today, and when he came home he brought me one of those things that you can plug into your computer, that gives you more UPC ports! I've been wishing for one of those, because on my laptop I only have 2 ports and I have to pick and choose which things I want to plug in. For instance, I cannot print something off of my flash drive, while using my mouse at the same time. I would have to unplug my mouse in order to plug in my printer. With this little thing, now I can plug in four extra things! He also gave me a laser pointer that also works for presentations. Like if you're putting a computer presentation up on a projector, you can use the device to flip the pages, and use the laser pointer part to point. Isn't that cool? I can't wait until I can use it for school sometime!
So I broke my toe the other day and it REALLY hurts! You wouldn't think it would hurt much, since its only a toe, but it actually shoots pain up through my whole foot! I can barely walk on it at all. Bleh.
OK I think I am going to go to sleep now!


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