Sick House

Today is Labor Day and we were going to go to Diana's mom's house and then Jimmy's mom's house. But we've all been sick with colds and sinus problems, especially me and Hayden. And last night Hayden was feeling really sick. She woke up in the middle of the night and had a high fever and was throwing up from it being so high. Jimmy and Diana ended up taking her to the hospital. It was about one in the morning when they went. Hayden got a nebulizer treatment there, plus a nebulizer and inhaler to take home. She has bronchitis and also an ear infection!
So then this morning we didn't know if we'd be going anywhere because we all slept really late. Then Diana told Jimmy he should just go on his own to his mom's house if he wants. So he made breakfast for us then he said he was gonna go, and then Diana got mad because she said he could have brought the older kids, and he said they weren't ready yet and he wanted to go right away that minute, so now they are fighting. Now Abby is playing outside, Brandon is at his friend's house, and Diana and Hayden are sleeping on the couch. I got a HUGE headache I can't get rid of for anything! I took a shower, and then I went to Walgreens with Abby to get some soda, and now I'm just sitting sround. I wish Jimmy was coming back today but I guess maybe he aint.
Here is a picture of the sick baby... She had her nebulizer treatment this morning at home. She hates it! The face mask part is shaped like a dragon, as if thats supposed to make a baby feel better! Its sort of amusing to look at because the steam from the medicine comes out the dragon's nose. But Hayden hates it anyway. She took it though, and it made her act like she was on crack, running around the house all crazy, throwing shoes and stuff! At least she's feeling better though, right?


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