School Daze

So, last night was my first class at Roosevelt, and this morning was my second class! I have a third class tonight, and then on Monday I start my fourth class. So far, I like Roosevelt a lot! It was a really hard choice to transfer over to Roosevelt from Northeastern, especially because Roosevelt is a private university and costs a lot more. My financial aid covers most of it, luckily, but I was nervous that it wouldn't be worth it. Well, I have a really good feeling that I made the right choice, this time! The school is just much nicer than Northeastern was, and people in general are more friendly. At Northeastern there was always a feeling of being overcrowded. In classes, you were always elbow-to-elbow with the other people, and even having to steal chairs from other classrooms, or people would have to be sitting in the aisles or on the floor or whatever. Seriously! And the people in the different offices, the people who were supposed to help you, they were always rude and cranky. And so far at this school, people have been so friendly and helpful, and the classes are smaller and have more space. Its much nicer! I'm really happy about it.
Last night was my math class, which is actually a class about teaching math to kids. It was sort of fun because we got to do Tanagrams and things. Basically they teach us math in the same way that we'll be teaching it to kids, so that we understand it well enough to pass it along. The class this morning was Writing For Social Justice, which is a class where we'll be doing tons of research and essay writing. This is good, because writing is the thing I do best in school! Being able to write good essays has saved me from failing lots of classes. I think I'll get an A in that class, and learn a lot! Now the last two classes I have are History (tonight) and Health For Educators (tomorrow.) Its going to be a cool semester!
Tomorrow is also an exciting day because this lady and her two kids are coming over to meet me, Brandon, Abby and Hayden, and then the kids might start coming for after school care starting in a few weeks. I already wrote all about that in my other blog, Slow Down, Gym Shoe, so I won't bore you again with the details of that! Plus, this weekend the circus is coming into town, and in the morning I'm going to take Hayden over to the park to see the elephants raise the tent with their trunks! I hope its not raining then.
Well, I gotta go, because I got a lot to get done before my evening class tonight! See ya soon!


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