Life, As We Know It...

I'm having sort of a rough day because tomorrow I start school. I like school and I'm happy about starting at Roosevelt, so thats not the problem. The problem is that I'm taking a lot of night classes. I have night classes four days a week. That means, most likely, I'll just be going back to my mom's after class on those four days, instead of staying at Diana's. I know it sounds like no big deal, but you know how I hate changes, right? So I've gotten so used to being at Diana's. My favorite part of the day is when Diana and Jimmy get home and everyone is together! And now, just when they get home, I'm going to have to leave, go to school, and then go back to my mom's. I don't know why I feel so sad about it but I just do. I mean its not like much ever really happens on weekday evenings, but I just like being part of the household. It can be really lonely at my mom's house, because usually they work late, and then when they get home they just want to watch TV, or my mom wants to interrogate me or yell at me about things. I'm just going to miss being at Diana's and being actually part of things. Last night I was practically having a panic attack when I was thinking about it!
Anyway this morning I woke up when Abby climbed onto the couch and hogged the whole thing, so I moved to the other couch, then Diana came out and asked to use the blanket I had, so I gave it to her and found another one, then Hayden came running down the hallway and yelled, "Ba-ba!" and pointed at the kitchen, so I picked her up and made her a bottle. I set her down on one end of the long couch to drink her bottle, and I lay down on the other end. Hayden chugged down her bottle like she was starving to death! Then she stood up and leaped across the couch to my end! I thought she was going to want to play for the next four hours, but she actually cuddled up next to me and went right to sleep in my arms. It was so sweet! I couldn't sleep much though because I just kept listening to her breathing and wondering if I should give her her puffer. (Hey, she really is a Pufferfish now!)
Over the weekend I took a lot of pictures of Hayden with my cellphone, mostly trying to entertain myself. In honor of Hayden being sick with RSV, I made a movie with all of the pics I took over the last few days. Check this out!
View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 9/2/08


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