Crazy Days!

Yesterday I started officially watching those two new afterschool kids. You can read all about it at my other blog, Slow Down, Gym Shoe! If you want too! It went pretty good. The only bad thing is that I'm supposed to pick up the girl at around 3:15 at her school, and then pick up the boy, whose bus doesn't get there until about 4:00! So thats about forty-five minutes of car time for Abby and Hayden. Its worked out okay so far though, because we went inside the kids' house to play for a while while we waited for the boy's bus last time, so Abby and Hayden enjoyed that. Hayden especially enjoyed it because they had a cat! I was carrying her, and when we walked into the apartment and she spotted the cat, she started laughing and saying, "Oh, oh!" and wiggling to be put down. I put her down, and she ran right up to the cat, waving her arms and babbling, and started hugging and petting him! The cat, to his credit, was very patient, and just laid there and didn't move and let the baby pet him. It was so funny how excited Hayden was to see the kitty! And Abby really likes playing with the girl. She's 9, but small and young for her age, and they get along really well! Yesterday the girl fit right in with Abby and her two little neighborhood friends, and they were happy as can be. So I think this is going to work out good!
I totally ditched my class last night. The kids' mom was supposed to get to the house at 6:00, and that was right when I would have had to leave, so I thought it would be okay, but then as time went on I started thinking, "She'll get here at six but she's not just going to instantly materialize back into her car with the kids and disappear! She'll probably want to talk, and it will take a while for the kids to get ready, and by then it will be later. I don't want to go into school late because sometimes thats even worse than missing it all together!" So I thought I would ditch just this one day. Then the mom and kids actually left by like 6:06, so I still could have gone to school. But by then, my mind was set on staying! So I stayed and ate hot dogs and ended up spending the night.
Now I'm getting ready to go to my Writing For Social Justice class. Its a tough class, because we have a four-page essay due just about every week! I got an A on my first essay already, though.
So I should probably be packing it up and getting it moving right about now, huh?


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