Blogging Takes Forever

It took me about ten million years to write my blog entry on SLow Down, Gym Shoe today... It was the captions on the pictures that kept messing me up! I put them all in, but every time I tried to save the entry, it kept on rearranging the captions so that they made no sense! I finally just erased all of the captions. Oh well.
So, last night went badly when I came here to my mom's house. They just grilled me and grilled me and grilled me about my finances! Don't you think thats sort of rude? They're not coming from a place like, "How are things? Can we help?" so we can't even pretend that they're just trying to be interested. They're coming from a place of, "Are you screwing up? We know you're screwing up. You must be screwing up. We will catch you screwing up." They do things like go through my mail when I'm not here. They have always been like that. I try to take Diana's advice and remember that they're just humans, but it is very hard when my mom has always made it clear that she has the power to take everything away from me. She uses that power to control me. As long as my stuff, and my cat, are still here, she can say, "Do this or I'll throw your cat out on the street." It gives me a horribly nervous stomach just thinking about it. I mean, I'll always be a little behind in my finances, but so is everyone! I handle it! I don't need people rifling through my mail so that they can have the priviledge of pointing out how much better they are than me. You know?
In better news, school is going really good for me. I'm getting A'z in three of my classes. The fourth one, math, is harder, but I can probably at least get a B in the end!
OK I'm going to go and try to catch up on some other things. Just checking in! Have a great day!


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