All My Obsessions!

Everyone knows I'm happiest in life when I have something to be obsessed with... and right now I have two new obsessions going on!
The first one is more of a short-term obsession. This weekend was a lot of fun because we spent most of it outside! We went to the Safety Fair on Friday and got to take a tour of the jail. I've been to the jail lots of times to visit Nick and Anthony, but this time we got to take a behind-the-scenes tour! We saw the cells where people stay, the pods, the gym, etc. (The weirdest thing was that Diana and I had brought Brandon, Abby, Hayden and Maricio, and Anthony is actually in that jail right now! But the kids don't know it yet. He's really screwed up this time and is going to be in jail for a looooooooooooooooong time, so we're sort of postponing telling the kids until they really need to know. Its been several weeks and so far they have asked a little bit about him, but haven't really been dying of curiosity or anything. He's been in and out of their lives so they're used to suddenly not seeing him for a while. At any rate, it was strange that he was there somewhere, and the kids were actually inside the jail.) But obviously thats not my obsession. The next day, Sarah came over and we were trying to make a movie about everyday life in the household. We filmed the whole thing with the camcorder feature on my digital camera, so it could be uploaded to the computer. We got tons of random, every-day footage. Large chunks of it were actually filmed from the garage roof! I'm working on getting it all put together into one movie, but its taking fifty million years to get it from the camera to the computer, and then from the computer to the video editor! I love photos and videos. I have a very visual mind and I love looking at that kind of thing. Sometimes in life, when I'm happy, I'm secretly imagining how the scene would look in a photo or a movie! I know, I'm so weird!
My other obsession is that Make A Difference Day is coming up and I've always wanted to do something for it, but never was able to. So this year I came up with the idea of putting together backpacks for kids in foster care. Like, the minute they get taken away from wherever and are in the foster care system, they usually don't have a lot of their own things with them and end up using other people's stuff for at least the first few days. This would be a backpack full of things just for them, that they could keep, and would have things to get them through what they need to do (such as personal hygiene things) and things that would comfort them or entertain them (such as toys, books, stuffed animals for comfort, etc.) When I started it, it was mainly something I figured I could do with all of the kids in my house, to get them involved in Make A Difference Day, and maybe we'd be able to donate four or five backpacks. Well, I ended up posting about it on some Meetup.com groups that I belong to, and now a whole bunch of people have volunteered to get involved! Five full backpacks already exist in the world, 35 children's books have been collected in order to be put into the backpacks, and more things are being gathered every day! A church has been offered up as a drop off place for the backpacks and an assembly place for the big project day in which all of the other backpacks will be put together. A second branch of the project might be getting started in Mundelein. And its not even October yet! I am trying to spread the word through Facebook and Myspace and my blog and other places. It feels really cool to realize that an idea I came up with is taking off like this!
So, as far as that goes, things have been going really well. I'll keep you posted!


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