We're Not In Kansas Any More!

What a scary night we had last night! If you live in the midwest, you already know what I'm talking about!
Last night I was at home with the three kids, plus two of Brandon's friends. Jimmy had gone out to the bar, and Diana was working late. Hayden was alarmingly cranky, so I decided to throw her in the bath a little early! While I was giving her a bath, Abby suddenly ran in and jumped into the tub... and then I heard it storming really loudly outside! (That was why Abby had suddenly decided to take a bath with Hayden, instead of waiting until later... because she didn't want to be alone in the living room when she saw that it was storming!)
Shortly thereafter, Diana called me and told me that there was a tornado warning (meaning a tornado had actually been spotted) in the town where she works. At that same time, the Tornado Warning thing interrupted on the TV! And the sirens started blaring outside! What a nightmare! We don't have a basement, so I hustled all five kids and two dogs into the bathroom to wait it out. I told them it was just a bad storm and we were just being careful to stay away from any windows, but the older boys figured it out, and soon Abby was crying. And of course, in the midst of all this, the two dogs were humping away like crazy!
Jimmy actually came back from the bar when he realized we were over at the house in grave danger. He just walked into the bathroom and saw us all huddled there, and said, "What, its raining a little?"
Ugh! Also Diana kept calling to update me, and soon she told me that the tornado was probably gone, although the thunderstorm was still in full force! The lightening was so close, you could hear it snapping and popping! Diana said she was on the phone and she heard the electricity through the phone before she heard it outside!
Diana was stuck at work all this time, and when she walked outside onto the porch at her work she saw total disaster... cops were everywhere, roads were closed, and everything was totally messed up! But finally the storm slowed down enough for her to get home... and we all lived happily ever after.
But jeez, was it a scary night!


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