We Go Camping, And Other Near Disasters!

Friday, 7:45 am: As Diana gets ready for work, Jimmy says, "Lets do something! Tell Mama to stay home and we'll do something fun! Lets go on a roadtrip! We can go camping!" Jimmy convinces Diana to take the day off of work.

8:30 am: Jimmy lays out the plan: He will go to his house and get all of his camping stuff, then come back and get us, and we will all go pick up his paycheck with him, cash it, and hit the road.

9:00 am: Diana and I scramble to get all of the kids and ourselves showered, packed, and ready to go.

9:30 am: Jimmy calls to tell us that he's going to go pick up his paycheck, and cash it, on his own, and then come get us.

10:00 am: The couch is piled up with things Diana has decided to pack, including two large electric fans, a boom box, a suitcase, backpacks, and many, many blankets.

10:30 am: No Jimmy! DIana and I figure the whole thing was a ploy to distract us while Jimmy fled the state!

!0:45 am: Jimmy returns, takes one look at the couch piled high with stuff, and curses humanity.

11:00 am: We hit the road, but decide to stop at Wal-Mart to pick up some more supplies.

11:10 am: Me and the kids wait in the car while Jimmy and Diana hit up Wal-Mart. The kids fight and scream. I pretend to be asleep.

12:00 pm: Diana and Jimmy emerge from Wal-Mart and we hit the road again.

12:05 pm: We get lost trying to find the highway.

12:30 pm: We find the highway!

2:00 pm: We arrive at our camp site and set up camp, then go swimming at the beach!

8:00 pm: We have KFC for dinner, along with Jimmy's brother, sister-in-law, and niece, who have joined us for swimming.

9:30 pm: Jimmy takes the three older kids fishing, after he starts us a fire and lights the gas lantern. Diana sits in the van and tries to get the baby to fall asleep. I sit outside at the picnic table with the two dogs.

10:00 pm: Diana comes out of the van, and points out to me that the fire has died, and the lantern has burned out! Somehow I didn't even notice! Diana decides to get back in the car to avoid the darkness. I decide to stay in the dark, enjoy the peace, and text Sarah for amusement.

10:30 pm: The big kids burst out of the wiods, scaring the dogs and freaking me out!

11:00 and beyond: Diana and the baby stay sleeping in the car. The rest of us make S'mores and Jiffy Pop. Eventually Abby goes to her tent to sleep. The boys stay up later, and then go very noisily to their tent, where they proceed to scream and shout about a daddy long legs, the dogs humping each other in the corner, and other travesties. People from other camp sites shout for them to shut up!

6:00 am: I awake in my tent to the sound of Abby announcing that we forgot to put a diaper on her and she has peed in her sleeping bag. I crawl sleepily out of my tent to go use the bathroom. I come back to find that everyone else is awake, and kids are crawling in and out of the van, in various stages of changing clothes, lookng for toys, etc.

6:20 am: Jimmy begs everyone to get out of the van, so he can drive to the indoor bathroom and go poo-poo.

6:25 am: Jimmy gives up on getting everyone out of the van, and urges me and the dogs to get IN the van, which will be easier than getting all the kids OUT! Soon we are cruising frantically down the camp roads, nearly missing stop signs and running over small children, in an effort to make it to the camp store with the indoor bathroom.

6:30 am: The camp store is closed, and Jimmy is forced to poo-poo in an outhouse, while the rest of us wait in the car.

6:45 am: We stop at McDonalds for coffees and hot chocolates, which takes about ten hours because the McDonalds people keep messing up our order!

7:00 am: We arrive back at camp, and Jimmy vows to make breakfast for everyone. We soon realize that the fire is dead and we have no more wood left. Jimmy says don't worry, he has a camp stove! However, we have forgotten to bring a frying pan. So Jimmy makes hot dogs on the little grill thing.

10:00 am: We pack up all of our stuff, and head off to go paddle boating!

11:00 am: Paddle boating, for our family, is a complicated endeavor that involves two paddle boats, and the passing back and forth between boats of screaming babies and children, and arguing with big kids who want to use the paddle boat to fish from!

12:00 pm: We are done paddle boating, and load everyone back in the car.

It was the best camping trip ever!

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