So, Buttons.

Still suck at thinking of titles.
Its Tuesday and I'm at my mom's house taking care of business, which is basically doing laundry, puttign things away, going to the library, trying to get some writing done for extra $$$, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.
Summer vacation is basically officially over. Today is Brandon's first day of school, and tomorrow is a very short first day for Abby. (Thursday is her first real day!) Can you believe that the summer is over? I feel sort of sad... We did a whole lot of stuff over the summer, but I can't help feeling like we didn't do enough. And I hate winter. I'm already dreading it. For some reason, anyway, the past few days I've been feeling sad and anxious again, but not that bad at least. Just a lot of changes I guess.
Not a whole lot new to say but here are two REALLY CUTE PICTURES I know you shall love.

We went to Jimmy's sister's house for his niece's birthday party, and they have a tiny little drum set there. Here is Abby jamming out!

We went to the mall after Abby's doctor appointment yesterday, and played in the play center. Hayden crawled onto this bear, and she kept saying, "Book! Book! Book!"


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