Not So Good

We had a pretty good weekend, but overall, things aren't going that great.
Tony got arrested again for a DUI and for eluding arrest, and he's in jail, and most definitely going to prison for at least a few years. The big kids don't know it yet... we're going to avoid telling them for as long as possible. But eventually they're going to start wondering why they're not having their weekend visits with him anymore. :(
Mijo, the new dog, might be leaving our house forever. When Diana agreed to get Brandon his own dog, the agreement was that Brandon would be in charge of potty training him, feeding him, cleaning up after him, etc. Sounds like a big responsibility for an eleven-year-old, but considering that Brandon begged for his own dog for years and years and years, you would have thought he'd hold up his end of the agreement when his mom finally decided to let him get one! Plus Brandon, being on summer vacation from school, was really the only one who was going to be home every day to do all that training, since Diana and Jimmy work, and I'm always busyw ith the little girls when I'm there. Unfortunately, months went by, and Brandon really didn't put much effort at all into potty training the dog, choosing instead to play video games with his friends every day and ignore the dog until someone nagged him. So the dog never got potty trained, and peed and pooed everywhere. Yesterday Mijo peed on the new couch, and Diana said that was the last straw. I'm not sure if she's going to give Brandon and Mijo another chance. I hope Mijo stays because I love that little puppy... but Brandon doesn't seem to be doing much to help his own case! So...
Also, this morning Jimmy found out that his grandmother passed away. I think Jimmy was saddest for his own dad, because that was his dad's mother. Whenever someone's parent dies, it makes you think about the fact that its something every one of us is going to have to go through, at some point... unless you somehow die before your parents do... and its going to be the worst and hardest time of your life. What do you even say to someone who's going through that? What can make it better?
So... the week is starting off kind of badly, but...
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