Jimmy Says Its A Good Day But I Think He's Lying!

Jimmy always says its going to be a good day when I ask him, but I think what he really mean is "Don't get all freaked out and spazzy now."
I am sad today. Last night I was at my mom's house and Diana texted me saying that Jimmy dumped her and that it was a real bad fight. She wanted to know why I love Jimmy so much when he hates her. I wrote back saying I don't think Jimmy hates her, and anyway that she was going to have a good day the next day going to Blue Man Group with her mom and sisters. And she wrote back, "Fuck U" and wouldn't say nothing more to me.
Of course I had to toss and turn all night worrying about it. but I thought things would be fine in the morning.
But when I got here in the morning Diana was still crying and Jimmy was still mad, and after Jimmy left Diana got mad at me because she says why is she supposed to feel bad about Jimmy leaving, just because me and the kids like him.
I just don't get why it has to turn on me every time!
Plus Diana always says people's true feelings come out when they're drunk. And whenever Diana is drunk, she suddenly hates me. Its a heartbreaking realization to me!
So this morning when I asked him is today a bad day, he said "No, is going to be a good day," and so far... at least for the kids and me... it has been. This morning Abby and Hayden and me went to the castle park, then we went to Meijers and picked up a few things, then we went to Bueno Beef for lunch because I had some free kids meal tickets from the reading program. That reading program is going to keep us fed for the rest of the summer! We also did "sun painting" this morning, which is where you put pieces of construction paper in the sun and lay things on top of it. Then you go away for a few hours. When you come back, you can pick up all the things, and see what the sun has "painted" on your paper! I'll post some pics on my other blog, Slow Down, Gym Shoe! in a little while.
Right now Hayden is taking a nap, and Brandon and Abby are outside playing somewhere. I call this time "Quiet Time" or "Rest Your Body Time" to Abby, because she's supposed to settle down and rest for a while while the baby naps. But during the summer, when Brandon is home, its hard to make her sit still for any length of time, so I usually end up sending her out to play. Diana's not coming home until late tonight, and I doubt Jimmy will be home either, so we're in it for the long haul tonight! Its cool though cause we still got lots of other stuff to do!
So this day is 50% good and 50% bad I guess!


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