I'm Fit... to be Tied! Hahahaha that made no sense.

Shut up, I suck at thinking of good titles, okay? I thought of that one because I recently signed up for Lifetime Fitness, through a discount I got because the kids and I belong to a playgroup that we rarely even go to. The cool thing is, I can go there with Abby and Hayden as well. Abby really loves the children's center there. It has one of those tunnel mazes like at McDonalds Land, and tons of toys, computers, and a mini-gym. The staff members there actually play with the kids, too! The last time I left them there, when I went to get them Abby didn't even want to leave, because she had played Dodge Ball and was about to play Kick Ball. I actually stayed an extra forty minutes, playing with Hayden in the baby area, while Abby played Kick Ball and then Hide And Seek with the other kids! She loves it! Also, they have a pool, and yesterday the girls and I went swimming there. There's not as much to do as there is at the regular public pool, but Hayden actually likes it a little more because its quieter, not so much pushy big kids running around. Plus its an indoor/outdoor pool, so in the winter we can still go there and swim indoors!
(By the way, if you think about joining Lifetime Fitness, tell me, cause I can email you a pass thing, which you could get on the website anyway, but if I email it to you I can earn free stuff!)
SO anyway this morning I went there before I came here and worked out for a while, and I'm going to try to work out at least twice a week... on the two days that I watch the kids. I don't like to bring the kids there too much, because I feel bad for leaving Hayden there... but maybe one extra day a week we could go there. I feel a lot better when I work out. My whole body feels nice and stretched out!
In other news, the weekend was pretty good. I don't think I wrote since then, did I? Friday and Saturday we were in Wisconsin for Jimmy's grandma's funeral, which I know I did write about. (Although I think I left out the part where, at the wake, as I am standing around trying to look somber, Jimmy walks up to me and says, "I see dead people!" And the part where, at the banquet dinner after the funeral, the pastor is sitting at our table, and Brandon is telling the pastor all about our two dogs, and then Abby chimes in, "And they like to hump each other!" Oh yeah, and the part where Jimmy's mom introduces Diana as Jimmy's wife! How did I forget all that?)
So anyways, on Sunday we went to Jimmy's mom's house for a BBQ, which we almost blew off because we were feeling lazy and it was supposed to be just a casual get together for pizza, but then Jimmy's sister called and bitched Jimmy out for not coming, which caused Jimmy to whip his phone across the room, which caused me to duck-and-cover! So we did end up going, and I'm actually glad we did because I love Jimmy's family! They are hella nice.
So... thats about it! You should go to my other blog, Slow Down, Gym Shoe, to catch up on what the kids are up to these days!
And now, I shall leave you with a cute picture of Sammy-Joe, which I just took five minutes ago.


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Meez do yoga pose?

Too cute that big guy!

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