Groggy Day

The rest of yesterday was pretty good. Jimmy did end up coming home and made dinner for the kids, adn then w went to the park by the pond, and by the time we got home it was time for the kids to go to bed, so it was all good. And Diana had a lot of fun at Blue Man Group! She was lucky she got to go because the tickets are really expensive, and its kind of a once-in-a-lifetime experience type thing. Although she said sometimes they're a little creepy. Like aliens. Because their faces are blue, and all.
Anyway... I'm feeling a little groggy today for some reason. My mind isn't all here. So let me just take the easy way out and show you some pics of the kids?

Hayden playing with a dandelion.

Hayden likes these swings that are designed for older kids with special needs, so they can swing without falling off. There are baby swings too, but Hayden prefers the giant ones!

Hayden playing at the park.

Abby at the park, looking sort of cranky, as some random kid watches. I don't even think Abby was playing with that kid! I have no idea how she got in the picture! Hmm, maybe she's a ghost!

Abby at Meijer telling me how big she thinks the fish in the tanks are.

I love this picture of Hayden! She loves to play with the Crayons, and she also tries to eat them. Last night I was trying to get her to draw, and she actually did make a few scribbles!

Brandon snuggling on the couch with Mijo last night.

I wish I had more pics of Abby from yesterday, but she was mostly running around on the big playground with the older kids, while I was lingering around with the baby.

Oh yeah, and remember I told you about our sun paintings? You can go see how they turned out, at my other blog, Slow Down, Gym Shoe!

OK have a good day! I'm gonna go, I dunno, watch TV or something, anything that doesn't require my mind to be here!


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