Fun Like a Funeral

Jimmy's grandmother passed away this week, and yesterday we all traveled up to Wisconsin to attend the wake and funeral.
It was the first wake or funeral I have ever gone to. People have died in my family, but somehow either didn't have a funeral, or I just wasn't invited to it. Its sort of weird to want to attend a funeral, but going to the funeral of someone I didn't personally know... especially a woman who was very old, had lived a long and full life, and was very ill at the end... was actually a very good experience for me!
There was an open casket, and it was the first time I ever saw a dead person. It was an alarming experience! She really looked like she was just sleeping. I never had the chance to see my grandmother, stepgrandmother, grandfather, or anyone else after they died, and suddely I could envision how strange it would have been to see them that way, looking just the way they looked while they were alive, but not moving and not breathing. It was so sad to watch all of her family members walk up and look at her for the last time, while she lay there! Would it have been better, or worse, they had never gotten that chance?
Anyway, that was my first funeral. We spent the night at a hotel afterwards and had a good time.
If I ever die, I don't want my funeral to be quiet and sad. I want there to be music and photos and good food and happy stories.


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