Bless You, Now Quit It!

the title of this post is named after what Diana just said to me after I've been sneezing for ten hours because of my horrid evil allergies. At any rate...
Had a pretty good day today! the girls and I met my aunt and little cousins at the children's museum. My cousins are 6 and 4, and Abby is 5, so it was pretty cool to get them all together. I took some pictures but i'm probably not going to put them up until i'm at my mom's house on tuesday, because its hard to get to the pictures on this computer. you have to unplug the mouse to plug in the usp. plus the shift key is busted on this computer, so i've basically given up on capitalizations, as you can see!
Anyways, Jimmy's grandma died this past week, and we're heading off to Wisconsin today for her funeral. The little kids are all excited because to them its like a vacation. They never met her or anything, so they're not feeling sad, except for feeling bad for Jimmy. We're gonna stay in a hotel, so the kids will get to go swimming and everything. If there's a computer there I'll try to update, but other than that, I'll see you when i get bsck.


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