I've Got Nothin!

I try hard to write in here every time I get a chance, but I don't always have much to write! You can check out some cool new pics of the kids over at Slow Down, Gym Shoe! Other than that, though... things seem to be at a standstill!
I've been having a busy day today trying to cram everything I need to do in life into one day. This morning I had an appointment with my advising counselor at my new school and scheduled a few of my classes, but I still have to make another appointment with another counselor to sign up for any education-related classes. The sucky thing about the fall semester is I ended up with classes on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I hate evening classes! That will also make Wednesday a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG day for me since I'll be watching the kids during the day and then going right to school for a 2 1/2 hour class. But at least my new school is way closer, so I won't have to leave at 4:00 and make the kids stay by themselves, the way I used to when I had a Friday evening class in Chicago last semester!
Ugh, I don't even want to think about school. I just want it to be summer forever!
Yesterday seemed like a pretty good day. We had dinner as a family at the table, instead of on the living room floor in front of the TV which is what we usually do. (PRobably not anymore though since the little kids can't stop spilling in there!) We did best-thing-worst-thing and nobody seemed to have anything really bad to say about the day. But the evening was rougher because Diana was really tired, and the babies wouldn't sleep. Abby finally fell asleep on the couch, but Hayden was going crazy and running around and wouldn't lay down in her crib for anything, until finally she just sort of passed out cold on the couch. And Diana and Sarah were sort of fighting and then Diana went to bed aggravated. I guess I'd still vote that it was a good day though. Right?


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