Invisible Day

So the weekend is over, and except for the Fourth of July, it kinda sucked because Diana and Jimmy split up, and then we didn't really even go outside at all for the rest of the weekend. Today I took Brandon and Hayden with me to Wal-Mart to get a birthday present for my dad, and then we went to Half Price Books and I got some books and movies for the kids... but that was really it. Other than that, just a lot of laying around and doing nothing. It was kind of a sad day. The only problem is now its eleven pm and I'm wide awake, and everyone else in the house is asleep! I even tried texting Jimmy but he never answers. I'm blogging to fight the loneliness.
Tomorrow will be a better day. Tomorrow hopefully I'm gonna take Abby to get her free pizza prize for one of the reading programs we signed up for, and then maybe we'll go to the pool if its sunny, or to the free bowling program if its rainy. (Kids bowl free all summer!) I got some other fun places we can go for the rest of the week, and then this weekend is the carnival here in town, and we'll probably go to that. Filling the weekdays with activities helps the days go by faster and keeps my mind off stuff.
So I'm gonna go read some blogs now, until I start feeling tired!


brandonsmom_02 said...

I'm sorry.

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